Dairy Global Experts (DGE) was founded on the basis of the advisory center of the Association of Milk Producers in 2014, with the aim of introducing a range of services to the international market.One of the main levers of rapid market conquest was strong cooperation with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the European Bank reconstruction and development, which invited DGE experts to analyze the dairy markets of post-Soviet and other countries.

Dairy Global Experts consists of 25 consultants in the field of management, economics, veterinary medicine, animal science, agronomy, design, construction, reconstruction of dairy farms and feedlots. A group of highly qualified experts implements international projects for the development of the meat and dairy industry in Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

Main directions of activity:

  • Supply of breeding animals from Ukraine.
  • Reconstruction, design and construction of dairy and meat farms, feedlots.
  • Consulting:
  • Dairy farm management programs – Uniform Agri, ProFeed
  • Supply of machinery and equipment.
  • Provision of veterinary drugs and feed.
  • Supply of seeds and plant protection products.
  • Dairy Center Asia
  • Ukrainian Agrarian University
  • Joint projects with EBRD, USAID, IFC, FAO.

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